The False God That Is Yahweh

Terrified of My well-documented WRATH AGAINST FALSE GODS ( see: calf, golden) it was today revealed that "Yahweh Is NOT REALLY In The House"

While to date "Yahweh" has received zero accusatory emails, let me explain the purpose of this site. Yahweh is in the House is a spoof of the semi-popular weblog Allah is in the House, which is itself a spoof of... [Yahweh Is In The House]
While I am well-pleased that the blasphemer wearing the Yahweh Fright Wig, the Bozo Nose, and the Overly-hopeful Penis Gourd and Surge Protector has repented, it will not be enough. No, it is not enough to merely abase yourself before mortal humans, you must abase yourself before GOD (Me).

Fail to do so and I may just decide to draft "Yahweh" as a beta-tester for this little sea lamprey intestinal parasite I've been building from a Revell Kit on the Lathe of Heaven.

You've got 24 hours, Human. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick....

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