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You know what GOD detests most about Allah?

HE detests Allah's smarmy lifestyle of sitting around swimming pools and shaving the armpits of all those girly-martyrs that show up in so many different chunks that Allah's got to run up outstanding Super Glue charges at the local 7/11.

I admit it was a small stroke of genius to take those original commercials of a man hanging by his helmet from a steel beam by one drop of SuperGlue and shift them to just a Believer's head dangling there, but then Al, or "Junior," as I think of him, has always been fond of small strokes. Still, this immediate Resurrection routine has got to be stopped.

My program, as you all know, is for everyone to come back at once, on one day, looking their best and five pounds lighter than their fighting weight, all in dress whites.

Al, when are your going to learn that it spoils the effect when you just keep hauling them up and gluing them back together ad fucking hoc. Besides, you can't keep depending on the Orthodox Jews to do your sweeping up for you. They are my CHOSEN PEOPLE and I don't mean chosen to clean up after you.

My advice to Allah: You want to keep blowing up your believers along with innocent people and then patching them together? Invest in a ShopVac for Christ's sake.

Don't make me get Old Testament on your ass.

P.S. While it might be okay to shave your Martyrs' armpits, sniffing them before and after is RIGHT OUT!

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You little weird thing! You shall be cursed with bad luck and everyone that surrounds you will be cursed as well!!!

Posted by: u guess at Mar 20, 2006 4:09:12 PM

You believe that really that it is that Islam if you were not an ass you would have yourself to inform about this religion instead of repeté all that say the racists you are an idiot you includes/understands nothing has this religion Allah will punish you and will send to you in hell InchAllah
Allah is great
wa subhanAllah

Posted by: lokagirl57 at Apr 27, 2006 10:14:54 AM

wat do u know about Allah ..... ur jst a created being .... who, wen compard to Allah ur nothing ........ if u "think" that u r God then make the sun rise in the west, u r a loser who will b destined for Hell, where u will abide therein forever, u will neither die nor live, u will drink boilong water to suffice ur thirst but u will not b able to, all ur insides will be ripped, u will eat of a tree in hell whose fruit is bitter and foul, boiling hot metal will b poured on ur head and ur brain will boil inside ur skull. if u want to b punished in many ways which are not even possible to imagine then carry on the way u r ....... u worshipper of the devil ...... infact u can call urself the devil since u r doing his work ........ u wait and see ..... for a day which will surly come and u will b brought bak to life .... and u will b judged by ur True Lord, Allah the all-Mighty .... on this day nobody will have a helper nor a frend ..... and all the disbelievers will b thrown in the fire of hell including u ..... u betta watch ur bak ..... coz ill b der ready to kill u ...... it is not the muslims who rt the terorists it is people like u ... and Bush and all disbelievers ...... Allahuakbar ...

Posted by: Abdullah at May 17, 2006 8:30:34 AM

u r a dumass,u racist twat.go screw ueself u dum idiot

Posted by: up ur ass at May 21, 2006 8:47:09 AM

Firstly; you do not "GOD", cause of Allah or God or Jehowa not sends this kind message in Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Secondly; Christianity is not a religion of war as like as Islam and Judaism, in spite of todays Judaists and specially Christians generaly starting a "religious war." against Muslisms. Thirdly; Christians and Judaists are trust their physical power more than their spiritul power most generaly, but Muslims trust Allah who says in Qur'an that "Many a few people were defeated many crowded people by permission of Allah. Allah together with the Patients."

Posted by: Tarkan at Jun 15, 2006 1:59:53 AM