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and that means, in plain English, not a TOUCHY-FEELY GOD.

Many folks reach out to me,
many eyes smile tenderly,
still in peaceful dreams I see
the road leads back to GOD.

But if you think that means we're going to be sharing long warm showers together, back up, genuflect and guess again. Face it, if I had wanted to be touched, I'd have given you longer arms.

So lay off the warm and fuzzy worship services, okay? And especially lay off the warm and fuzzy tribute albums like this:

You guys want to touch the face of GOD? Get in shape, ditch the suits, and fund the space program.

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Firstly; you do not "GOD", cause of Allah or God or Jehowa not sends this kind message in Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Secondly; Christianity is not a religion of war as like as Islam and Judaism, in spite of todays Judaists and specially Christians generaly starting a "religious war." against Muslisms. Thirdly; Christians and Judaists are trust their physical power more than their spiritul power most generaly, but Muslims trust Allah who says in Qur'an that "Many a few people were defeated many crowded people by permission of Allah. Allah together with the Patients."

Posted by: Tarkan at Jun 15, 2006 2:09:09 AM