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Because I say so...

Junior wants to know, since he is subject to overwhelming fits of mental flatulence:

Why are there no radical Muslims on American television, kufr? Have you noticed this? Last night Allah was watching the profane, retarded piece of dog shit you call "The Next Joe Millionaire" and it struck him that there were no muslims... [Allah Is In The House]
The Muslims, and their ergot-addled deity, Al, are clearly not ready for Prime Time, Cable, or even PBS (Even though they slip in there from time to time by waving their scimitars, dropping cash, and promising camel humps to the young producers of all four sexes.

The Muslims, in case you haven't been paying attention, are more of a work in progress than the platypus. I keep meaning to tweak their DNA and get them in the groove, but frankly its a pain in the ass and I have more interesting things to do than sort out a bunch of camel jockeys whose idea of a good time is to strap on some C4 and play spank the monkey with the detonator.

I'll get around to it soon, but right now I've got my whole staff pulling an all-nighter on the sixth planet of Denebutarq in the Crab Nebula trying to get this advanced methane slime mold to emit nitrogen. So hang in there until I can get this done. Okay?

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Firstly; you do not "GOD", cause of Allah or God or Jehowa not sends this kind message in Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Secondly; Christianity is not a religion of war as like as Islam and Judaism, in spite of todays Judaists and specially Christians generaly starting a "religious war." against Muslisms. Thirdly; Christians and Judaists are trust their physical power more than their spiritul power most generaly, but Muslims trust Allah who says in Qur'an that "Many a few people were defeated many crowded people by permission of Allah. Allah together with the Patients."

Posted by: Tarkan at Jun 15, 2006 2:04:57 AM