January 04, 2005


CES 2005: Form, Function and Stylin': "Tech movers and shakers descending on Las Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show will find that when it comes to hot new gadgets, it's all about the accessories. -washingtonpost.com"
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Lockheed, Northrop Face Defense Cuts: "Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. would bear the brunt of proposed cuts in U.S. weapons purchases totaling $30 billion over the next six years, according to the summary from a Pentagon budget document made available to Reuters Monday. -Reuters"
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Samsung develops 21-inch OLED prototype: "South Korea's Samsung Electronics has developed a prototype OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that it says is the largest yet made by any manufacturer."
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U.S. online holiday spending rose 25 percent, study finds: "Tempted by lower prices and a wide selection of goods, U.S. shoppers clamored to the Web this holiday season, spending $23.2 billion, or 25 percent more than in the previous year, according to a survey released this week."
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Blog reading explodes in America: "About 32 million people in the US read a blog in 2004 but less than half of Americans know what a blog is, says a survey."
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No End in Sight to Supply of Cheap TV's: "Industry experts say that the financial trouble of one of the biggest Chinese makers of television sets will not affect the market much."
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Do Nanotech Products Live Up to the Hype?
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Myths Run Wild in Blog Tsunami Debate: "As people gathered online to discuss the horror of the South Asian tsunami on sites known as Web logs, some bloggers said it had to be the government's fault."
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January 03, 2005

Let a Million Videos Bloom Online

The grassroots movement to post "vlogs" makes amazing viewing, and the growing audience may give them an increasing impact

Following in the footsteps of text blogs, video blogs are starting to take off on the Internet. This new form of grassroots digital media is being shepherded along by groups of film makers and video buffs who started pooling publishing tips and linking to each other in earnest this year.

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December 31, 2004

TechTrack, 12/31/04

You, Too, Can Be a Podcaster: "Fans of the burgeoning technology, which lets users broadcast and download audio content feeds to MP3 players, say it represents audio broadcasting's future. But podcasting still has a long way to go. By Daniel Terdiman."
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How Did Animals Escape Tsunami?: "No wild animals were found dead along the Sri Lankan coastline, adding credence to the belief that beasts have a sixth sense that warns them of impending disasters."
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2005: The year ahead: "2004 closed with a veritable blizzard of mergers and a downpour of desktop search offerings -- events and products that may well dominate IT managers‚ thoughts well into the new year."
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VeriSign: Online shopping up 24 percent this year: "U.S. holiday shoppers continue to turn to the Internet when searching for presents for family and friends, according to data released Thursday by VeriSign."
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Oracle takes control of PeopleSoft: "Oracle has taken over control of PeopleSoft by buying 75 percent of the PeopleSoft's outstanding shares from its stockholders, Oracle announced Wednesday."
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Netherlands issues first fines to spammers: "Dutch authorities have issued their first fines for spam originating in the country."
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Anti-Santy worm on the prowl: "Do-gooder worm attempts to fix holes exploited by the earlier Santy infection--but could end up a pain."
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Year in Review: Cell phones explode: "Global cellular markets boomed. U.S. data services went through the roof. And handsets literally blew up."
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XXX, on a small screen near you: "Are commuters ready to rub elbows with porn-wielding cell phone customers?"
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Apple fans fill up on rumors of bargain Mac: "Apple fans have a little more fodder for the rumor mill after a new posting on ThinkSecret.com. The Apple rumor site claims that Steve Jobs & Co. are planning to announce a sub-$500 G4-based iMac at the Macworld Expo in January. [Missing Links]"
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Customer Service: The Hunt for a Human: "In the Internet age, making telephone contact with a human for customer service is a daunting task. Some companies no longer disclose phone numbers. But some consumers have found ways around the blockade."
On New York Times: Technology

Hobbyists Fill Out the Weather Map: "Thousands of armchair sky watchers are pairing computers and consumer-grade meteorological equipment to share their observations of local conditions online."
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Good Luck and Bubblewrap.com: "Collard greens and black-eyed peas, a New Year’s tradition, on a chef’s site; Virtual-Bubblewrap.com lets you punch holes with your mouse; KnowItAllVideo.com, where amateur instructional videos are posted and rated."
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America Online Reports Drop in Spam: "America Online said that spammers were starting to give up - at least when it came to sending junk to its subscribers."
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It's time to send the bill to Bill: "Deadline to claim share of Microsoft settlement is Jan. 8"
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Searching public thinks alike: "Most-sought-after names overlap in sites' top 10 lists"
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New way to make you pay: "- David Lazarus"
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Intel starts sampling 600-series chip, AMD moves ahead on dual-core Opteron: "Intel has begun sampling of its 600-Series processors whici will support EM64T, EBD and SpeedStep:Intel has sampled one of its 600-series CPUs to some of its clients in Taiwan and has also given more details of technology support for its 945/955 chipsets for the dual-core Smithfield CP..."
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Gates pledges $3 million in aid; Amazon.com raises another $3.5 million: "In effort to help the millions of people displaced due to the massive tsunami which struck the region around the Indian Ocean, Bill Gates has donated three million dollars in aid. Amazon has donated another $3.5 million:Microsoft's company offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and..."
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The year according to eBay: "If you look at America 2004 through the lens of eBay, maybe it really is about the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich."
On USA Today: Tech

Space station snack attack uncovered: "WASHINGTON ¬ó The two residents of the International Space Station ran short of food and had to cut back their meals this month thanks in part to unlikely food thieves: the previous station crew." On USA Today: Tech

Snowed-in code blamed for Comair's Xmas flight collapse: "Old box grounds travelers Aging server software has been blamed for Comair's holiday collapse that left thousands of travelers stranded." On The Register

Tesco claims 500,000 mobile sign-ups: "Milestone Tesco has signed up 500,000 subscribers for its UK mobile phone service, just 14 months after setting up in business." On The Register

Time Warner may pick up Sprint cell calls: "Deal would make Time Warner Cable the only major cable company to offer cell phone service."
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Satellite radio sees subscriber growth: "Competing satellite radio companies Sirius and XM say they bested their year-end subscriber goals."
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Build Your Own Motorcycle Computer: "Build your very own "Motorcycle Mod" by following ExtremeTech's Master Modder and his unprecedented pursuit of constructing the first ever motorcycle computer. In this installment, Russ begins work on the main frame, works on the headlights, and paints the wheels."
On Extremetech

The Top Tech Stories of 2004: "From IBM selling its PC unit to users going gaga over Google, here's what made headlines this year."
On PCWorld.com: Latest News Stories

Blogs take on the mainstream: "Blogs have shifted the balance of information online, argue experts, and they are here to stay."
On BBC: Technology

Virgin soars to new frontier: "SpaceShipOne pioneer Burt Rutan gives a glimpse of what paying passengers can expect when they travel into space."
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December 21, 2004

Joke Time is Over at Slate

041220_gavelThe Washington Post Co. said today it is buying Slate in an effort to boost the newspaper company's online traffic but does not plan any editorial changes at the eight-year-old Web magazine.

In announcing a deal to buy Slate from Microsoft Corp. for an undisclosed sum, said to be in the millions of dollars, Post executives said they would keep Jacob Weisberg as editor and most of the 30-person staff. Cliff Sloan, general counsel of Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, will also become publisher of the money-losing magazine when the deal takes effect next month.

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December 20, 2004

Flash iPod a Done Deal for Big Bucks

Financial analysts predict Apple would sell millions of flash iPods in short order. Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff predicted earlier this month that Apple will sell 6 million units in the current fiscal year and 13.5 million the following year, but at US$160, a lower average price than Apple gets for its iPods (which retail from US$249 for the iPod mini to US$599 for the 60GB iPod Photo).

Looking ahead to next year, Neff forecasts Apple may be able to grab 30 percent of the 34 million players that market researcher IDC estimates will sell next year.

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December 19, 2004

Apple and Moto announce partnership on cellphone

7821584493861351There's been a lot of mumblings about Motorola and Apple working on a cellphone together, and even an iTunes capable phone Moto was already supposed to roll out. Today, however, the bomb dropped: Apple officially announced some kind of cellphone partnership which would result not just in a Motorola phone that is iTunes capable, but in something users could call a proper "accessory" to their iPod, chiefly one that Apple should have a large part in the interface and exterior design of. The phone should be expected to have fully-enabled Bluetooth (spitting right in Verizon's eye) and run mid-range (i.e. estimated $200-350 US).

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December 18, 2004

Researchers compost old mobile phones & transform them into flowers

8523afdb89cdc058001b9793170e349fResearchers at the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group, in conjunction with PVAXX Research & Development Ltd, have devised a novel way to recycle discarded mobile telephones - bury them and watch them transform into the flower of your choice.

A special formulation of PVAXX Research and Development Ltd's biodegradable polymer range was developed in conjunction with materials researchers at Warwick, that produces a high quality finish but which also biodegrades easily in compost.

Secondly the engineers at the University of Warwick have created a small transparent window in the case or cover in which they can embed a seed. The seed is visible to the environmentally aware mobile phone user but will not germinate until the phone cover or case is recycled.

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Smallest SubNotebook to Date

01The second generation of the Sony VAIO type U handtop (successor of Sony U50 and Sony U70) is now available. With its all new U71, Sony upgrades both the processor and the hard drive size of the unit. Now it is fully equipped with Intel's latest Dothan processor 1.1Ghz and 30G hard drive.

Sony U70 is the first in the market pen-based ultra-portable laptop that only measures at 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.0 inches. It weighs only 550g (about 1.2 lb).

Inside this tiny outer measurement, Sony U71 is equipped with powerful hardware specification that is powerful enough to run your day to day Windows application.

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