December 19, 2004

From Dead Head to Bed Head: Evil Hair Styles for men

Mens_101 - Style and Finish:Apply a nickel-size amount of TufTrix to hair. Blow-dry with a flat paddle brush, stretching hair up and away from the scalp to create vertical lift and texture. Once hair is dry, reapply TufTrix to random pieces and flat-iron in the direction of style.

TIPS: MELTDOWN: To boost the power and elasticity of TufTrix, apply gel to palms and rub hands together for 15 seconds.
AFTER HOURS LOUNGE: Mix TufTrix and DirtyTrix into a clay paste for a smoky, clubby effect.
BLADERUNNER: After applying TufTrix to dry hair, flat-iron random pieces to create a stiff "blade" texture.

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