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January 02, 2005


Inside the Shadow Internet: "The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. Well I used
[in Slashdot]

On Big News Network.com - Breaking Internet News

Old MacDonald goes high tech: "Advancements in agriculture have eliminated a lot of back-breaking work. And soon, wireless Internet may allow even more access to computers.
[in Everett Herald]

On Big News Network.com - Breaking Internet News

BitTorrent hub ready to rumble with Hollywood: "'Help our legal team help you'"
On The Register - Internet and Law: Digital Rights/Digital Wrongs

Firm gives P2P networks adware infection: "Microsoft investigating DRM loophole"
On The Register - Internet and Law: Wild Wild Web

Internet spam: Vioxx is 'in,' Oprah is 'out': "WASHINGTON - If Internet spammers are right about who we are and what we want to buy, then we must be a cable-stealing, day-trading, bargain-hunting, stiff
[in Salt Lake Tribune]

PeopleSoft customers: Where do we go from here?: "It looks like Oracle/PeopleSoft is a done deal. But why would Larry Ellison spend $10.3 billion for overlapping technology? For me, the answer comes in two parts."
On InfoWorld: Web Services

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