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January 02, 2005

Mondo Bizarro

Tricks of The TradeOn Madville.com

Morris man was 'playing' with laserOn Madville.com

Mouse causes auto accident by climbing inside the driver's pants

Haiti Checks Want Ads, Considers Occupation: "After 200 years of lackadaisical self-employment, the nation of Haiti is considering taking up a new occupation, likely from the United states. "A full-time occupation will take away some of your day-to-day freedom, but there's a lot of benefits as well," says Mbangbar Whodoo, part-time Secretary of the Interior for Haiti. "Without good medical coverage, like you get with an occupation, it's really hard to get by when you have an accident like we just did.""
On Glossynews

Best of Bongo News 2004On Bongo News

Queen takes a tumble during lavish banquet:"IOL"
On Azerty.co.uk

Snowball Effect & More: Tonight on IFC!: "TODAY, New Year's Day, the Independent Film Channel will be airing the incredible, excellent "Snowball Effect" documentary at 6:00 PM, 9:30 PM and 12:30 AM PST. The first two showings will be followed up by Clerks. Yes, this is that must-see doc that covers Kevin's life from childhood up to Clerks. One of the finest docs we've ever had the pleasure to view. And now you can see it FREE. If you don't already own Clerks X, here's..."
On News Askew

Fire chief stops fire at school inspection: "Just call it good timing. Hollis Fire Chief Rick Towne was conducting a routine inspection of the Hollis Primary School on Friday when a fire broke out in the boiler room."
On Boston.com: Odds and Ends

Ill. residents vote for official reptile: "The Eastern tiger salamander won the vote for the title of Illinois' state amphibian, while slow and steady was a winning strategy for the painted turtle in the state reptile race."
On Boston.com: Odds and Ends

Long-Missing Cat Reunited With Owner: "SAN JOSE, Calif. - Jamison, a 7-year-old cat with long, gray fur, ventured outside his home one day in June 2003 and didn't come back. His owner gave him up for lost and adopted another cat."
On Rednova News - Oddities

No'ing the Drill: "Fired oil rig worker gains revenge on former bosses by dropping a piece of equipment in the well."
On New Urban Legends

The Little Print Cesses: "Custodian demonstrates to schoolgirls how he removes lipstick from a mirror."
On New Urban Legends

Key Mistake: "Swearing off the game for good, a golfer launches the bag containing his clubs into a water hazard . . . momentarily forgetting his car keys were in the bag."
On New Urban Legends

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