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January 02, 2005


Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais: "Knowledge of the ocean and its currents passed down from generation to generation of a group of Thai fishermen known as the Morgan sea gypsies saved an entire village from the Asian tsunami, a newspaper said Saturday. " On AP Science

Thousands of Seals at Home in New England: "It's a sight New Englanders aren't entirely used to seeing: thousands of seals swimming through the Long Island Sound or hauling out to Maine, where they like to have their pups. " On AP Science

Summary Box: Busting Up a Comet: "BIG BLOW UP: NASA scientists later this month will send the spacecraft Deep Impact (named after the 1998 movie about a comet headed for Earth) to blast a crater into Comet Tempel 1. " On AP Science

The Future of Calamity: "In seven hours last week, great ocean waves exacted a terrible price in wealth and human lives. Future catastrophes may be far grimmer." On New York Times: Science

God vs. Darwin: "Centre Daily Times,---... Voltaire was"a French atheist" and"a disbeliever in revealed theology" and changed ... percent of the vote here -- and its cultural values are Christian, with an ...::" On theology News

What is Social Medicine?: "Monthly Review,---... In the late nineteenth century the striking advances made in pathology and microbiology made social factors seem less germane in the etiology of disease. ...::" On Microbiology News

Teaching evolution at Christian college: "Crossmap Christian News--... prospect as a biology professor at Olivet Nazarene University -- teach pure creationism and deny his knowledge gained from a Ph.D in microbiology, or teach ...::" On Microbiology News

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