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January 04, 2005

Bombs, Billions, Business As Usual

Baghdad governor assassinated: "Gunmen assassinate the governor of Baghdad as at least 10 people die in a blast in the Iraqi capital."
On BBC: World

Israeli shell kills seven in Gaza: "Seven Palestinians are killed by Israeli army fire in Gaza, sparking furious words from leader Mahmoud Abbas."
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US intensifies its role in relief: "Its aid is proving crucial - and may lift America's image."
On Christian Science Monitor: All Stories

Wild Weather Continues: "Forecasters predict new round of storms with snow, rain as California copes with heavy precipitation"
On Foxnews: U.S. & World

U.S. May Add Advisers to Aid Iraq's Military: "The top commander in Iraq is reviewing a proposal to add hundreds of U.S. military advisers to work directly with Iraqi units."
On New York Times: International News

GOP Abandons Ethics Changes: "House Republican leaders last night abandoned a proposal to loosen rules governing members' ethical conduct, as they yielded to pressure from rank-and-file lawmakers concerned that the party was sending the wrong message."
On Washington Post: Top News

More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds: "At a time when the medical community has been heartened by a decline in risky sexual behavior by teenagers, a different problem has crept up: More adult women are forgoing birth control, a trend that has experts puzzled -- and alarmed about a potential rise in unintended pregnancies."
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Congress expects $100 billion war request (USATODAY.com): "USATODAY.com - Congress expects the White House to request as much as $100 billion this year for war and related costs in Iraq and Afghanistan, congressional officials say. It would be the third and largest Iraq-related budget request from the White House yet."
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