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December 31, 2004

Oh, Baby, It's a Weird World 12/31/04

80% say No to New Year night on the town
On Madville.com

Was an electronic voting machine company rep videotaped while rigging a vote?
On Madville.com

Hindu holy man who announced that he would publicly leave his body fails to die when the date comes. Infuriated villagers try to help him out

Road closure a big hit with Canadian hockey fans: "Leave it to Canadians to cheer for ice and snow."
On KTRK: Bizarre

Briton Surfs Tsunami, Survives: "HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - British surfer Martin Markwell had always dreamed of catching that perfect wave -- but when it finally came along, it was a nightmare."
On Reuters: Oddly Enough

Astronauts on candy diet after pantry raid: "IOL"
On Azerty.co.uk

Robert Blake's Rice Krispies
On Bongo News

Yoko Ono Appointed Spokesperson for New Chemical Castration Drug
On Bongo News

Bush Ancestor Went AWOL During the Crusades
On Bongo News

Celebrity underwear draws dozens to Portugal: "IOL"
On Azerty.co.uk

Hot dog vendors arrested for prostitution: "Two Long Island women who sold hot dogs and sodas from a truck were charged with prostitution for also offering sexual acts in exchange for money. One of the vendors offered to expose her breasts to an undercover officer who was buying a hot dog and the other offered him oral sex in exchange for money."
On Exploding Cigar

Fast food makes people fatter: "A new study by the University of Minnesota found that healthy young men and women gained an extra 10 pounds, on average, over 15 years if they ate fast food more than twice a week. They also doubled their rate of a prediabetes condition known as insulin resistance."
On Exploding Cigar

Evil Magazine
On Bidboy

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker
On Bidboy

BBQ owner, city divided over pig mural: "A mural of pink pigs painted on the side of a barbecue restaurant is apparently too spicy for officials in this city's historic district."
On Boston.com: Odds and Ends

Italy Judge Tosses Coin for Xmas Tug-Of-Love Child (Reuters): "Reuters - When the separated parents of a five-year old Italian boy could not agree whose house he should stay at over Christmas, a judge settled the dispute by tossing a coin, an Italian newspaper reported on Thursday."
On Yahoo! News: Oddly Enough

Wal-Mart manager allegedly ordered shooting of cat: "EVANSVILLE, Ind. - Two Wal-Mart employees who police say followed a manager's orders to shoot and kill a stray cat have been charged with federal animal cruelty."
On azcentral.com | thebuzz

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