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December 18, 2004

Mars discoveries lead Science's Top 10 list

Opportunity and Spirit found unmistakable proof of Martian water: rippled sediments that were once at the bottom of a shallow sea, and rock that once was so water-soaked that "it had rotted," the journal said. "Their finds mark a milestone in humankind's search for life elsewhere in the universe."

Other winners were:

The first runner-up for breakthrough of the year was the discovery on the Indonesian island of Flores of fossils from a species of tiny humans who stood about 3 feet (1 meter) tall and had a brain less than a third the size of modern humans.

Cloned human embryos were produced through a procedure pioneered by South Korean researchers.

Researchers have developed techniques to identify genes in ocean water or in specimens recovered from deep underground. Thousands of new genes have been found. By sequencing these genes, researchers hope to identify new species and, perhaps, learn how organisms survive in harsh and forbidding locations on Earth.

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